The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

If you are planning to give the home a spring clean and want to make a thorough job of it, some careful planning is in order. A lot depends on the size of your home and the amount of furniture you have, but there are some basic guidelines that can make the experience a smooth one.

Here are some essential things to bear in mind with a major house clean.

Climate Considerations

To complete this spring clean, it is advisable to pick a dry weekend, as you will need some outside storage space, at least for a few hours. If you have a garage or carport, move the car out and you have some dry space for the day. You want to avoid rainy days as mud will be continually spread around the house as people enter and leave, and as the term spring cleaning implies, this is the best time of year to implement a clean, while summer also allows you to open all the windows, which is essential during the cleaning process.

Hire a Skip

A spring clean is one of those times when you can discard the many broken or unwanted items that have accumulated over the years. The average family home would fill a small skip with unwanted items, and if you tend to hold onto things, you might need to have a larger skip delivered. At Kwik Skips, we pride ourselves on punctual delivery and collection service, and once we know when you want the skip, you can be sure it will arrive on time.

Prepare Materials

Cleaning a house requires a lot more than just muscle, and some of the essential items you’ll need include the following;

  • Dustpans and brushes
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Sponges and buckets
  • Dusters
  • Glass cleaning fluid
  • Dry cotton cloths
  • Cover sheets
  • Stepladders

If the kitchen is going to be included, think about the oven and other major appliances and plan accordingly. If you have old sheets that can be laid down on high traffic floor areas, this will protect the floor while the work is being carried out.

Room by Room

The best way to clean your home is room by room, and if you start at the top and work down, gravity will be on your side. Ideally, you want to remove every item of furniture, and if the floor is carpeted, the carpet cleaner should be at the ready. Ceilings should be dusted thoroughly and light fittings wiped with a damp cloth, and curtains and blinds can either be washed or wiped down on site. Always close the door and leave a room for at least 15 minutes after doing this, as it gives the dust time to settle. All traces of cobwebs can easily be removed from interior window reveals and make sure you dust on top of any wardrobes or other furniture items that are still in the room.

Once you have set a date for the spring clean, contact us at Kwik Skips and we’ll have the ideal size skip delivered, ready for the unwanted items.