Let’s Talk Rubbish Removal!

The first questions asked by our customers are: “What size bin do I need to get the job done properly, and how much it this going to cost me?”.

Our prices are determined by fuel costs and tipping fees which are charged at the local landfill facilities. However, we keep our prices as low as possible to remain competitive and also to ensure customers continue to use our service. We offer senior citizens discount.

We prefer to have personal contact with our customers regarding skip bin requirements and we are only a friendly phone call away.

How Do I Order?

You can call the office on (08) 9528 2272. At the time of your call we will discuss bin size required, where you wish to have the skip placed, waste type and payment details.

Enquiries can also be made by email: admin@kwikskips.com.au, or through via our contact us page.

How Long Can I Have The Skip Bin For?

For our domestic customers, the price quoted will include hire for 1 to 7 days. This is a grace period and you can have the bin collected earlier by phoning for a pick up. Otherwise, the bin will be collected on the seventh day, morning or afternoon. If you don’t manage to fill your skip within the 7 day period, call us before the due date and we will advise our extra hire charge fees, if applicable.

Information Flyer

An information flyer is provided at the time of delivery which advises in detail about waste that is not allowed to be placed in the skip, such as hazardous waste, including vehicle tyres, dangerous or flammable liquids (paint, oil, chemicals and pesticides). If you require a skip for removal of asbestos*, please discuss this at the time of your call for information regarding the legal procedure on how to remove this kind of waste.

Asbestos Disposal Regulation*

Regulations must be strictly adhered to or the bin will NOT BE COLLECTED and you will be required to re-pack and re-tape the asbestos as per Department of Environment Regulations.

Heavy fines apply if the conditions for removal of asbestos are not met.

Asbestos bins are classed as heavy waste and must NOT be mixed with any general/domestic waste.

Asbestos sheets — No more than 10 to 15 sheets at a time, and they must be fully wrapped with heavy duty black plastic and the bin must be securely taped with gaffer tape top, bottom and anywhere else that will ensure that the package does not break open, not just the corners. There must be absolutely no visible asbestos!

Full bins of asbestos — Skip must be fully lined in black plastic, wrapped sheets/parcels placed inside, and plastic lining of skip taped securely at top. All black plastic must be secured.

What Size Skip Bin Should I Order?

If unsure of the skip bin size you require, you can discuss this at the time of your enquiry. However, the easiest way to ensure you get the right size skip for your purposes is to ascertain how many small trailer loads of rubbish you might have, then look at the table below.

What is a Cubic Metre?

One cubic meter is the amount that would be held in a cube that is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre deep.

Table of Bin Sizes and Capacity they Hold

Capacity Cubic Metres Height Length Width Trailer Loads (4ft x 4ft)
2.5 (all with ramp) 0.8m 2.5m 1.5m 1.5
3 (ask if ramp required) 1.1m 2.5m 1.5m 2
4 (ask if ramp required) 1.3m 2.5m 1.5m 3–4
6 (all with ramp) 1.4m 3.15m 1.7m 4–5
8 (all with ramp) 1.4m 3.8m 1.7m 5–6
9 (all with ramp) 1.4m 4.2m 1.7m 6–7
10 (all with ramp) 1.4m 4.5m 1.7m 7–8

Delivery Times and Pickups

We endeavour to offer a same-day service and operate Monday to Saturday, as well as some public holidays. Call us early and we can deliver the same day. Preordering your skip is advisable, however. Once the skip is filled, call us to organise pickup, otherwise normal turnaround is seven days.

How to Load Your Skip

A common-sense approach on not overloading your skip will ensure the driver can efficiently cover the load to avoid spillage and hazardous situations. Most skip companies advise customers to load levelly. However, if you have bulky items such as furniture, the load can still be secured if it is over the top of the bin by a small amount.

Green waste can be compacted down so you get the maximum use of the skip.

Please note: If the skip is damaged in any way while under hire (fire damage etc.), additional charges may be charged for repairs.

Environmentally Friendly

Is Your Waste Recycled?

We are fully accountable to the landfill facilities in what is recycled. They in turn are accountable to the Department of Environment who impliment strict national policy, programs and legislation to protect and conserve our natural environment.

How Do I Pay For the Skip?

Payment is preferred on or before delivery of the bin and our drivers accept cheque or cash. Receipts can be written by the driver. Master Card and Visa Card are also accepted at time of order with the office staff. The bin will not be collected unless payment is received.

Please note: 1% surcharge will apply for credit card payments.