Rubbish Removal Services in Perth WA

By hiring skip bins is an excellent decision in the disposing of all rubbish. You may be well aware of skip bins being used extensively for rubbish removal in Perth.

It’s a practical approach to disposing of large quantities of rubbish and waste removal in Perth that gets accumulated by a variety of customers and industries of all sizes. As an example, they are an essential and integral part of the construction industry.

They make waste disposal fast, easy and hassle-free for anyone who’s looking for rubbish removal services.

Businesses operating on a daily basis may need to hire skip bin services for the long-term. 

Our skip bin services give locals the convenience of being able to efficiently and effectively dispose of their waste and rubbish, without having to break the bank. So, you’ll never have to waste a second worrying about where to settle your waste ever again!

Perth Rubbish Removal

What can you put in a skip bin?

A skip bin can be used for anything from household items, renovation debris, and green waste to industrial rubbish removal. It can accommodate furniture pieces, plastics, construction waste and de-gassed white goods.

However, there are a few things you will need to arrange with us before dropping the skip at your location if you were to dispose of toxic and hazardous waste such as chemicals, explosives, and asbestos.

We’re open to providing skip bins for most types of waste once we know your type of request.

Here are the classifications of the different types of waste:

General waste

Classed as anything which can break down, such as wood, plastics, paper, metal, household/domestic and green waste.

Hazardous waste

Not accepted. This includes asbestos, vehicle tyres, flammables such as paint, oils, chemicals and pesticides. Asbestos is by prior arrangement only as strict laws exist for correct disposal at tip site and Dept of Environment fines will apply.

If you require a skip for the removal of asbestos, please discuss this at the time of your call for information regarding the legal procedure on how to remove this kind of waste.

*An information flyer is provided at the time of delivery which advises in detail about the waste that is not allowed to be placed in the skip, such as hazardous waste, including vehicle tyres, dangerous or flammable liquids (paint, oil, chemicals and pesticides).

If you’re using your skip to get rid of asbestos, make sure that you’re wearing the right protective equipment to stay safe when loading up the bin. You’ll need to place the asbestos in heavy-duty black plastic and make sure that it’s all taped up nicely so no asbestos is showing. If you’ve got more than 10m2 of non-friable asbestos to dispose of, you’ll need a licensed professional for the job. 

However, like rubbish removal Perth experts, Kwik Skips always recommends that you hire a professional asbestos removalist to help with disposing of any amount of asbestos. 

What is the right skip bin size I need to order?

Deciding on which skip bin size to order is a bit tricky because we can make errors in judgment on how much waste we put into a skip. Kwik Skips has a wide range of skip bin sizes that cater to a variety of requests. Rest assured that we are expert enough to help you out on picking the perfect skip bin size for you.

A mini skip bin has a storage capacity of two and a half cubic metres, while the largest skip bins available has a capacity of ten cubic metres.

Always go the size up if you’re unsure, so that the loading process is safer and easier for your project. That way you’ll know for sure that whatever type of rubbish you want to get rid of can easily fit in the skip.

Is there a weight limit for skips?

Skips have a wide range of sizes good for domestic rubbish removal, commercial rubbish removal & industrial skip bin use. Fortunately, there is no weight limit for skip bins as they can accommodate different quantities of trash. You can measure the capacity of a skip in cubic metres.

Although there is no weight limit on skips for rubbish removal in Perth, you shouldn’t try to overfill your skip bin as this can be dangerous for yourself and our workers when they come to pick up your bin.

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How much do skip bins cost?

Kwik Skips provides cheap junk removal in Perth, and our prices are made for everyone. We take pride in our prices and give you the benefit of our lowest price guarantee. 

True skip bin experts offer competitive pricing that should fit your needs. They don’t bombard you with high costs or hidden fees, as everything needs to be transparent and within the agreement.

The cost of hiring a skip bin both depends on how long you will need it for and the skip bin size you will order. Costs will also differ for a certain skip bin if you are looking into throwing out hazardous waste.

Kwik Skips is a skip bins Perth hire service that is committed to maintaining a greener environment by providing clients with a competitive pricing package that fits their needs.

You need not worry about following Australia’s standards of waste removal because we do observe the proper way of doing so.

Let true experts take care of your waste removal without needing to think twice about it!

Call us now on 9528 2272 if you have any queries regarding what can or can’t be put into the skip bins.