Green waste, broadly speaking, refers to biological waste or waste items that can be composted. This definition, however, only partly applies when it comes to waste collection systems and services; different places have different ideas of what can be considered as green waste. Green waste skip bins in Perth, for example, are only meant for small, biodegradable items that one typically finds in the garden; other biodegradable wastes like food items are disposed of differently.

What Constitutes Green Waste?

In Perth, the following are categorised as green waste and belong in environmental skip bins:

  • Bark and wood chips
  • Common weeds
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves and palm fronds
  • Pruning
  • Small branches

While biodegradable or commonly found in gardens, the following aren’t considered green waste:

  • Brick, soil, concrete, sand, pebbles, stones, rocks, etc.
  • Medical waste like needles
  • Perishable and non-perishable food
  • Tree trunks and branches larger than 150mm in diameter or 1 metre in length
  • Hazardous materials such as asbestos, batteries, construction waste, gas cylinders, household lights, paint and chemicals, printer cartridges, smoke alarms, and tyres

Green waste skip bins in Perth can be distinguished by their lime green-coloured top. Bins that are meant to be used for the disposal of other types of waste have different colours. Dry recyclables are collected in yellow-topped bins. Among the items that belong in yellow bins are plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, papers and magazines, aluminium and steel cans, and flattened cartons and cardboards. General waste and garbage, on the other hand, are collected in red-topped bins.

Separating wastes right from the source is internationally considered a best practice in waste recovery and disposal. Source separation of household waste is strictly observed by waste collection services provided by local councils and skip bins in Perth and in other parts of the country. By separating wastes properly, residents, businesses, and rubbish removal services contribute to the overall reduction of waste, as well as helps the city achieve its goal to divert 65% of landfill wastes by 2020.

Where Does Green Waste Go?

Eco-conscious home and business owners will be glad to know that the green waste from their property is put to good use. The green waste Kwik Skips collects is disposed of properly and does not contribute to soil, water, or air pollution. After gathering green waste skip bins in Perth and the surrounding areas, our company delivers the waste to registered waste composting facilities (WCF), where they are processed and converted into high-quality compost.

The waste is first sorted out and fed to giant composters or digesters, where it will be composted using natural bacteria. It will remain in the digesters for 3 days until it has turned into immature compost. The immature compost is aerated, turned, and watered regularly to maximise the efficiency of the composting bacteria. After around 42 days, the compost is ready and will be distributed to be used by farms, forests, gardens, and parks.

By properly disposing of the contents of green waste skip bins in Perth, our company—and by extension, our customers—does its part in protecting the environment and reducing landfill use.

Why Hire Green Waste Skip Bins in Perth?

Perth is serviced by kerbside collection systems, which collect wastes from residences, public places and buildings. The operation of these systems depends on a lot of factors such as housing density. These services, however, can be limited by the schedule of rubbish removal and the amount of waste that can be collected.

Here are reasons why customers in Perth should hire Kwik Skips:

It’s cost-effective and convenient. Some people mistakenly think that hiring green waste skip bins Perth services cost a lot of money. On the contrary, skip bins can help you reduce waste collection costs. Skip bins cost less than man-with-a-van services, where customers have to pay for labour costs and the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of. With skip bins, customers know exactly how much they’re paying. Customers can also schedule the delivery and pick up of their skip bins; there’s no need to wait for scheduled rubbish removal from local councils.

It offers more options. Green waste skip bins in Perth provide plenty of options for their customers. They offer bins of different sizes as well as single and multiple bins to accommodate residential and industrial waste. This way, customers can hire and pay for the exact services they need.

It’s eco-friendly. By relying on the services of legitimate environmental skip bin services like Kwik Skips, you can rest assured that your green waste in Perth will be disposed of properly. Instead of occupying space in landfills or being dumped unceremoniously in places where it doesn’t belong in, the green waste collected from your property will be sent to proper waste processing facilities. There, it will be turned into compost, which will be used to enrich farms, forests, parks, and gardens.

Consequences of Improper Green Waste Disposal

Instead of fertilising the ground and helping plants thrive, green waste that has been improperly disposed of contributes to environmental pollution and landfill use. The grass clippings and branches may end up in waterways and prevent drainage systems from functioning properly. When dumped in urban areas or forests, green waste can turn into a source of fuel and increase the area’s risk for fires. What’s more, improperly disposed of waste can impact the visual aesthetic of the area and encourage others to dump their waste in the same location.

Improper waste disposal also has legal consequences. Dumping waste where it doesn’t belong is a punishable crime; if caught, it can result in up to thousands of dollars in fines and even imprisonment. As such, the best move is to use green waste skip bins Perth services like Kwik Skips to dispose of garden waste. Aside from making waste disposal more economical and convenient, environmental skip bin services also allow you to contribute to preserving nature.

It’s Your Chance to Help the Environment with Your Green Waste

Dispose of your green waste properly and conveniently by hiring Kwik Skips’ green waste skip bin Perth services. Give us a call today at (08) 9528 2272 and enjoy reliable Skip bin hire services throughout the Perth metro area.