dispose of building waste

How to dispose of building waste and construction material?

With the rise in carbon emissions from home and construction building waste, Australia needs to get on top of sustainable waste management plans. Whether you’re a tradie or even a homeowner doing some renovations or landscaping, it’s essential to have a plan for disposing of your rubbish and waste removal. There are large fines involved with incorrect and inappropriate waste disposal, such as dumping. Just skip the worry, and hire a skip bin

You may be wondering how to dispose of building waste material. Well, you’re in luck as this article will go over common construction and home waste materials, and how you can dispose of it.

What to do with construction waste?

Construction inevitably produces waste, and as we’ve explored, it’s important to know how to dispose of building waste. Some materials need to be recycled, and others will be disposed of in other methods such as landfill. Before sending your waste straight to the tip, consider whether there are any uses these materials may still offer for you, as it’s important to reuse and recycle any material you can.

Bricks, Masonry and Concrete

Whether you’re a tradie, or a homeowner doing some renovations, there are materials you can reuse. For example, brick, masonry and concrete waste are easily reusable. Maybe you have some landscaping work that needs doing, crushed concrete is the perfect material to be used for retaining walls, drainage systems and even raised garden beds. It also works as a great alternative to gravel. If you’re a tradie on a construction site, fill needs to be used almost everywhere. Crushed-up and broken-down concrete materials work well as fill. Acquiring fill material you might already have on-site saves costs and time.


Excess timber is another waste material that can be repurposed easily. Perhaps you have a green thumb, then try using any old offcuts of timber to build the frame of a garden bed. If you are more into DIY projects, make something useful. For example, you can easily build a bookshelf, toolbox or bedside table. The options are almost limitless with what you can do with timber offcuts. Just note that you can’t burn or mulch up treated timber, as it contains many chemical products that are dangerous to you and your plants.

How to dispose of construction waste?

Waste management extends to more than just reusing some materials, it’s also about disposing of materials correctly. The best way to dispose of building waste is with a skip bin. To know how to dispose of building waste properly, sort out your raw materials into different these different groups:

General Waste

The general waste consists of building waste materials that can be broken down. You can load in concrete, metals, bricks, masonry, plastic, timber, paper and cardboard. General household waste like kitchenware, bathroom objects, old decorative objects, etc can all be loaded in too. The rubbish will then be picked up by the skip bins service to be taken away, sorted out into their raw materials and disposed of correctly. Concretes will be crushed to be recycled for aggregate, plastics may be recycled into PVC appliances, and metals will be reduced and recycled. Any non-recyclable materials such as treated timbers will be sorted and disposed of correctly.  

Green Waste

Green waste is anything that you have pulled out of your garden; any plant-based biodegradable materials. This includes weeds, grass, leaves, bark, wood chips, branches, and pruning off-cuts. You can load green waste into a general waste skip, but if you have a large amount of green waste the best option is to hire a green waste Perth skip service. This allows the base material to be separated right from the source to ensure it’s disposed of correctly. 

Green waste is one of the largest contributors to waste and pollution in Australia. So it’s important you’re doing your part with a waste disposal management plan. 

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste, by law, can’t be placed into skip bins. Hazardous materials include car and truck tyres, pesticides and herbicides, chemicals, flammable materials, oil and paint products, asbestos and putrescible goods. Hazardous materials such as Asbestos have to be removed by qualified experts, so it’s important to get in touch with them. Feel free to give Kwik Skips a call for any questions and advice regarding hazardous waste, so we can steer you in the right direction.

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