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10 Tips on how to increase property value before selling

Getting your home ready to sell is a big task. There’s a lot to think about, and on top of that, you have to get things in shape before you begin showing your home to potential buyers. If you need some tips on how to increase property value, then this article is for you. We’re going to list several home improvements to consider when getting it ready to sell. 

1. A big clean up

First of all, you’ll want to clean up your property. You’ll need to target your whole home, from the interior to the yard. It’s amazing how much a good clean-up can increase property value. Because it’s such a big job, you’ll probably need more than your bins, so it’s a good idea to hire some skip bins. Try to be as thorough as possible, any old garden tools, decorative items and old toys the kids don’t play with should be removed. 

2. Declutter

So you’ve gone through everything that you want to throw away, but you still have a load of stuff you’ll want to keep. That’s fine, you’ll have to store it away for a while before you move. Hire a storage unit or store it somewhere out of view like the basement. Having a clutter-free home allows buyers to imagine what their future home will look like. 

3. Pressure wash

Now that you’ve gone through and cleaned out your home, giving the pavement and driveways a good pressure wash will not only make your house look better, but also raise the curb appeal. One of the first things prospective buyers look at, besides the front garden, is the driveway. A fresh clean look is a good indicator to buyers that the house is well looked after. 

4. Get on top of any major repair work

Are there some old gutters, renovations or leaks you just never had time to get around to? Get on top of that before you get your home valued. The costs spent on repair work will make itself back when you sell. Homes without the need for any major repair work are highly valuable to homebuyers. 

5. Get some new flooring

Do you have an old carpet with some questionable stains here and there? Just couldn’t quite stop the dog from peeing on the carpet as a puppy. That’s alright, it happens to the best of us. With that said, it’s probably time to replace it. 

To save a little money, you can strip it back to the hardwood floor for a clean look. But if you want to go the extra mile, Australian buyers love fresh clean carpets, so it’s worth the extra cost if you’re looking to impress. A new carpet will tidy your house up, and give it a sense of luxury that will raise your home value. 

6. Upgrade the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the major points buyers will look at, as they’ll want a clean modern look that doesn’t need to be renovated. There’s no need to go crazy with upgrading your bathroom. But retiling or replacing old taps goes a long way as a home improvement people love. 

7. Upgrade the kitchen

Much like the bathroom, the kitchen is the main area buyers are going to look at. It’s the room where everyone gathers before a meal, so it has a lot of importance to any family. Repainting, retiling and replacing taps and cupboard handles will be appealing to future homeowners. 

8. Repaint interior and exterior

If you haven’t had a repaint in the last 7 years or so, it’s worth giving your home a fresh coat of paint. The quality of the paint is very important to raising property value, as it’s one of the most noticeable areas of a home. From the second they look at your house from their car, they’re going to notice the quality of the paint, so you’ll want to ensure it’s up to scratch. A good paint job can make a home feel new, and make people want to buy it.  

9. Touch up the front and back yard

Again, you need to keep on top of your curb appeal. Your front yard will be under a lot of scrutiny the second potential buyers see your home. Remove any scraggly old bushes and trees, and do a general clean-up of the place. Ensure the mowing is done and the garden beds have had good mulching. You don’t need to be a green thumb to make your garden look good, just a bit of time cleaning it up, and planting a few new plants if need be. 

10.  New lighting

To show off your new interior paint job, you’ll want to install some new lights. If you have old hanging lights, it may be time to go for a more modern look. It doesn’t cost too much to install quality down-lights in your home. A good lighting arrangement will give your home decor and paint job a modern and appealing look. 

We can help with the clean-up! 

It’s time to get to work now that you have a more thorough understanding of how to increase property value. As we mentioned you’ll need to go through all your things and give it a big clean-out. We at Kwik Skips have a range of domestic rubbish removal services perfect for the job. Our skip bins come in many sizes and can also be used for green waste. Visit our website for more information or contact us on (08) 9528 2272