What is rubbish removal?

Whether you’ve been renovating and have a lot of waste that needs to be taken away, are doing a clear out of your house and shed, or are cutting back your garden, Kwik Skips offer rubbish removal in Perth. We have a range of skip bins in various sizes which are perfect for waste removal solutions across Perth.

What size skip bin for rubbish removal in Perth?

At Kwik Skips, we have extensive experience with waste removal Perth and we often get asked which size skip bin should be used for both domestic and commercial requirements. We have a range of sizes on offer to make your rubbish removal as easy as possible.

What size skip do I need for rubbish removal in Perth, WA?

If unsure of the skip bin size you require, you can ask when you book your skip. The capacity is outlined in cubic metres, which is the amount that would be held in a cube that is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre deep. However, the easiest way to ensure you get the right size skip for your purpose is to think about how many trailer loads of rubbish you might have.

If you’re unsure whether you should go up to the next size, remember that many people underestimate how much rubbish they have to get rid of! To help you out, take a look at the table below:

Capacity Cubic Metres Height Length Width Trailer Loads (4ft x 4ft)
2.5m3 (all with ramp) 0.8m 2.5m 1.5m 1.5
3m3 (ask if ramp required) 1.1m 2.5m 1.5m 2
4m3 (all with ramp) 1.3m 2.5m 1.5m 3–4
6m3 (all with ramp) 1.4m 3.15m 1.7m 4–5
8m3 (all with ramp) 1.4m 3.8m 1.7m 5–6
9m3 (all with ramp) 1.4m 4.2m 1.7m 6–7
10m3 (all with ramp) 1.4m 4.5m 1.7m 7–8


How do you dispose of the rubbish?

Once your skip is collected, we take it directly to landfill facilities to be disposed of. We’re fully accountable to these facilities for what is recycled and they’re responsible to the Department of Environment which has strict environmental policies in place when it comes to waste management in Perth.