Domestic Rubbish Removal

A Checklist For Your Next Renovation

Every homeowner would know that renovations are as stressful as they are exciting. With so much you have to take care of during a renovation, you might end up overlooking several important things.

Each renovation requires planning, council applications, finding contractors and suppliers, selecting materials and finishes, and overseeing the actual renovation. It’s easy to lose track of things.

This can result in projects taking too long or in costly mistakes that can be easily avoided. You can never be too prepared or organised for your next renovation. So we’ve put together important things to remember for your next project!

Check With Your Contractor

Chances are, your contractor already has a list of things you need to prepare to avoid delays with your renovation project. This may include things like securing council permits or materials or some things you would need to do to prepare the work area ahead of time.

Your contractor would also likely have a general renovation timeline outlining the key stages of your project so it’s good to have a copy of that as well.

Hire A Toilet for Trades

This is a must if you are renovating a bathroom or if you simply don’t want other people to use your toilet. Ask your contractor if they will provide an on-site toilet. If not, there are many companies offering portable toilets for rent. Just make sure you know how many days you would need one for before placing an order.

Protect Your Furniture

Your furniture will inevitably fall victim to paint splatters, dirt, or other debris during the renovation process. Save your precious furniture from damage and costly restoration or cleaning by removing them from the work area especially for projects that take more time.

Alternately, you can simply cover them with drop cloths or plastic. Wrapping your furniture with plastic can be the more secure option since you can tape the edges of the plastic to the floor for additional protection.

Take Down Wall Hangings

Many renovation projects would require them to work on your walls and like furniture, they can also take damage as a result of renovation work. Take off any wall hangings and store them in a secure place before your project starts.

Hire a Skip Bin

Renovating your home is going to create a lot of waste. You may consider the rubbish removal to the dump yourself if the project is small enough but even that would involve a lot of hassle.

With a renovation, you’re not just dealing with your typical domestic rubbish removal. You may need to dispose of materials which would require special handling or processing, and pay fees on top of that.

The most efficient solution to save time and money would be to hire a skip bin. Kwik Skips is a top provider of skip bins in Perth South of the River.

Our friendly staff will help you pick the size of the skip bin your renovation project will require and also consider the type of materials you need to dispose of in skip bins.

Kwik Skips is well-versed in proper disposal for different types of waste, including those which require special handling. If you need to hire skip bins in Perth, look no further.

Ultimately, hiring a skip bin will be more cost-efficient than doing it yourself because of the time and money you will save. Discussing your renovation with our specialists will also help determine whether a single bin would be enough for the materials you need to dispose of. After that, we give you a quote for the best price with Kwik Skips.

You’re not just saving yourself the hassle, but you’re also doing the environment a favour by keeping recyclables out of landfills and preventing potential pollutants from entering the soil or water. To further streamline the process, it’s best to sort out the waste removal as you go.

Keep Kids & Pets Safe

Living through a remodel is always a challenge, especially if you have kids, pets, or even both. Active kids might get hurt and your pets might be aggressive towards workers or ruin their progress.

One thing you could do is to have separate entrances for workers and family. This will help minimise the risk of workers bringing dust and dirt closer to your pets and kids. It will also make sure tools and supplies don’t end up somewhere your children can reach them.

Assigning a safe play area will also help your kids resist the urge of going into places where they shouldn’t be! Cordon off the work area with plastic sheeting to prevent kids from wandering and to make sure dust doesn’t enter other areas of your home.

Relax When It’s Done!

Congratulations on a successful renovation! Remember to rest and relax after, especially if your project involves improving your rest or recreation areas. It might be an odd thing to put on your checklist but it would surprise you how many people forget to do so!