How to DIY the Perfect Patio

How to DIY the Perfect Patio

Many people enjoy the benefits of a terraced area at the rear or side of their home, and while it might seem like a daunting challenge to undertake the project yourself, it isn’t that difficult, and like anything else, it is really down to planning and management.

Having a patio is essential if you want to make the best out of your garden, and by doing the job yourself, everything is cost price. Because of this you can expect a huge saving on any quote from a landscape gardener.

Prepare the Ground

The existing surface might be lawn, or possibly an old patio that has seen better days, and you will need to dig out the area down to at least 30cm. The ideal solution is the hire a skip for the weekend, and the subsoil and debris can be taken away. At Kwik Skips, we have a wide range of skip sizes, and once we know what you require the skip for, we can advise on a suitable size. Once the job is complete, give us a call, and the skip will be removed, and you can concentrate on making that patio look perfect.

The Terrace Area

Once you have dug down to the required depth, even the edges out and then you will need some planks of wood, which are correctly positioned to provide the edge of the patio. These need to be held in place by driving wooden stakes on the outer side, to stop any movement when the wet concrete is poured. You will need to fill the area with a layer of broken bricks or small stones that comes up to a few inches below the finished line, and this should be compressed if possible. If it is a large area, steel rebar is recommended, as this will give the concrete tensile strength and there is less chance of any movement.

Ready Mixed Concrete

Obviously, you will have to calculate how much concrete you need, and it is always a good idea to add a little, just in case. There are online suppliers who will deliver as much, or as little concrete as you wish, and with a wide range of colours and finishes, it isn’t hard to find the right combination. The delivery trucks have extendable hollow tubes through which the concrete is poured, and while this is happening, you and your assistants need to spread the concrete to ensure an even covering. Then, you will need a straight edge, which might be aluminium or timber, to help you level the surface.

The Clean Up

There should be enough room in the skip for all the waste from the project, but if not, Kwik Skips can have another one there before you know it. Laying a patio is quite a messy job, so plenty of stiff brooms, shovels, and a good wheelbarrow would make the job a lot easier. If you happen to be in Western Australia, and need a skip for any reason, we are the people to talk to, so contact us today and we’ll take care of your waste problem.