A Guide to Rubbish Removal

A Guide to Rubbish Removal

When it comes to throwing away our rubbish, there are lots of things that can be done but we believe that the best way to get rid of unwanted trash is to hire a skip, load it up and let us do the rest. We will deliver the skip to your home where you can fill it up with rubbish and then we will come back and take it away — how easy is that?

It is important to be responsible with your waste, from common household trash to green rubbish and you will need to work out what size you need the skip to be before you order one. Our comprehensive selection of skip bins is available in a variety of sizes and we can help you to work out how big the skip needs to be, so don’t worry if you are not sure as we can talk you through how to work it out.

Choosing a Skip

The first thing to do is work out how big the skip needs to be and we are on the end of an email or phone line if you want to discuss this with us. However, you may be able to work it out without any help from us by working out how many trailer-loads of trash you have (4 foot by 4 foot), as these can be transferred into cubic metres and then into an appropriately-sized skip by using the following equations:

  • 1.5 trailers: 2.5 cubic metres
  • 2 trailers: 3 cubic metres
  • 3-4 trailers: 4 cubic metres
  • 4-5 trailers: 6 cubic metres
  • 5-6 trailers: 8 cubic metres
  • 6-8 trailers: 10 cubic metres

Loading the Skip

Only one mattress can be placed into each skip and it is usually best to lay it on top of everything else. Green waste can be pushed down to create a more compact unit and this will allow you to get the maximum use out of the skip.

Please Note: We ask you not to overload the skip, as our driver will need to be able to transport it and this helps us to avoid spillages. While it is a good idea to load the skip levelly, it is also possible to squeeze a few more items in over the top level if they are bulky items, such as furniture.

Skip Deliveries

If you order it early, we will aim to get a skip to you on the same day that you order it and we operate on a Monday through to Saturday schedule, along with a few public holidays. However, it is advisable to pre-book your skip in order to ensure that you will get it on the day that you need it and when you have filled the skip up; you can contact us to pick the skip up and take it away.

Why Kwik Skips

We have a fleet that consists of six trucks and a large selection of skip bins to help you to get the best skip to suit your needs and your budget, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information or to make a booking.