Improving Your Business’s Waste Management Plan

A smart waste management plan should be high on the list of concerns of any responsible business owner. A business that implements a better waste management system can minimise industrial impacts to the environment.

If you believe your business is not doing enough in waste management, we have drafted a system that hopefully your business and the environment will benefit from.

Determine How Much Waste Your Business is Making

The first step to a waste removal management plan is measuring the amount of rubbish your company generates on a regular basis. Walk around the premises and inspect the bins that are waiting to be collected. Noting their sizes and the kind of waste they contain should give you a good idea.

Minimise Waste Going to Landfill

Lead your team into a greener mentality, or assign someone who can. With that person’s lead, your team should look for ways to reduce the amount of waste headed for landfill.

A strategy that has always proven effective is the three-prong option of reducing, reusing and recycling. Come up with repackaging solutions that reduce your waste, and identify operations where your waste materials may be reused by other companies. Getting in touch with your local collectors of recyclable materials also helps divert rubbish removal from going to landfill.

Implement a Strict Segregation System

We mention this frequently because segregation does play a heavy role in efficient waste management systems. Separating biodegradable from non-biodegradable wastes effectively determines which materials qualify for recycling.

Once you are able to segregate the recyclables, you can measure their amount and decide on the size of the bin that will contain them. You should also understand the frequency of recycling collection to know how much waste is removed for each collection, whether the provider is the local council or a hired private collector.

Your waste management plan will not make much difference if your business can’t implement it. The key to efficient implementation is clear communication among staff members, cleaners and sometimes even clients.

Our team in Fremantle, skip bins Mandurah and other locations will gladly provide your business with an eco-friendly and convenient waste removal system. Call Kwik Skips today and let us make trash disposal easier and more efficient for you.