Old mattress removal

Old Mattress Removal Tips

A classic spring cleanout can expose some serious build-ups of junk in our homes. They also are a great opportunity to see if some of our home essentials like furniture or our beloved mattresses are in need of a bit of an upgrade. 

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping – that’s a lot of time spent with our faithful mattresses! This makes our mattresses one of the most used items in our homes. However, we can get so used to relying on our mattress, it can be easy to overlook it when they start showing signs of needing to be replaced. It’s generally recommended that mattresses are replaced about every 7 to 10 years – but that’s not taking into consideration other reasons for replacing your mattress, such as damage or changing the size of your old bed (for example, upgrading from a double to a queen). You may also need to find a way to get rid of an extra mattress without sourcing a replacement, maybe because you’ve eliminated your spare room or the grown-up kids didn’t take theirs with them when they moved out. 

If you’ve been holding onto that ancient and stained mattress for years and years now, you might want to think about treating yourself to a new comfortable one and disposing of the old one. One thing that might be holding you back is the question of “how do I get rid of the old mattress?” 

There’s a number of old mattress removal solutions that could work for you, but hiring a skip bin is definitely an easy option and gives you the chance to properly dispose of all that other junk you have laying around the house! 

Let’s have a look at some of the steps you can take to decide how you want to get rid of or repurpose your mattress, and the best way to do so. 

Repurposing an old mattress

If you’re wondering what to do with an old mattress but don’t want it to just end up in landfill, before you try to find a way to dispose of it, see if you can repurpose it in some way. Mattresses are bulky and awkward to move if you don’t have the means – such as a ute or trailer – but there are some ways you can repurpose your mattress to find use for it without having the inconvenience of trying to move it or throw it away. 

What to do with an old mattress without getting rid of it: 

  • Use the stuffing to fluff up new cushions or pillows. 
  • Cut the mattress to desired size, cover in a blanket and ta-da! A comfortable new bed for your four-legged friend.
  • Repurpose the mattress in the kids activity room – a soft landing spot for adventurous toddlers or a comfortable place to sit while reading. Slide the mattress beneath the backyard jungle gym to protect the kids should they fall. They’ll also love having a bounce on the mattress in the backyard – like an upcycled, budget trampoline! 
  • Strip the mattress down and reuse the mattress materials. Memory foam padding can be cut up and made into sponges for cleaning. Fabric can be made into stuffed animals, with the foam used as stuffing. Items you can reuse, such as screws, buttons and fabric can be added to your craft or DIY box for future projects. 
  • Get creative – those metal springs of your old mattress can make great household decor items. Check out Pinterest for inspiration for how to upcycle box springs and steel springs from your mattress. 

Even if you have decided to dispose of your mattress, there’s no reason you can’t have a little bit of fun with it before you throw it in the skip bin. If your mattress is old and at the end of its life, make sure the family enjoys some unrestrained mattress-jumping, or host an outdoor movie weekend in your backyard. It can be a fun last hoorah before you say goodbye to your faithful old friend.

Choosing the best disposal method 

The first thing to decide on is which disposal method will suit your needs. You may be wondering which is the best way to dispose of a mattress, but the answer can vary. Depending on the condition of your mattress, some of these might be more suitable than others.

Make a donation

One of the great ways you can dispose of your old mattress is by donating it to a worthy non-profit organisation or charity group so you can be sure it’s being put to good use. This will have to be with a mattress that does not have any noticeable signs of wear or any stains on the material. Get in touch with your local charity or homeless shelter to see if they accept mattress donations.

Return to the Manufacturer 

This is another option that could be appropriate particularly if you’re wanting to buy a new mattress at the same time. Many retailers can return the mattress to the manufacturer and they can take on the responsibility of ensuring that it is recycled properly. Unfortunately, in this case, you’ll probably need to transport the mattress to the retailer yourself, which is not an option for many people.

Give to a family member

Perhaps your older kid has just moved out of home, and is looking to deck out their new pad. Your unneeded mattress can be a great addition to their spare room. Or maybe your friend would be grateful to accept your spare mattress to pull out when their kids have friends over for sleepovers. If you’re planning on getting rid of your good condition mattress anyway, there’s no harm in asking if anyone in your circle is on the hunt for a freebie!

Put it on Gumtree/Facebook Marketplace

This is probably more relevant for a newer mattress as it might be a bit harder to sell a heavily used mattress. Although, if you have consistently used a mattress protector, your mattress may appear in quite good condition – which can sometimes help you sell it. This may be quite a lengthy and unsuccessful process though, which is why we always recommend a skip bin for old mattress removal.

Why hiring a skip for your old mattress is the best option

When you’re figuring out what to do with an old mattress, although you might consider some of the other options, hiring a skip bin is by far the most suitable option you can choose in order to dispose of your old mattress. The majority of the time, you’ll be throwing out an old and used mattress, so those other disposal options aren’t always going to cut it. Kwik Skips also have a number of different sized skip bins, so you can choose the perfect one to match your mattress and other waste needs. 

When you hire a skip through Kwik Skips, your skip bin will be dropped off, picked up and all of the waste will be appropriately disposed of or recycled where possible. All you need to worry about is putting the mattress and everything else you want into the bin! Old mattress removal has never been simpler thanks to our rubbish removal in Perth, making skip hire the best way to dispose of a mattress that has reached the end of its life.

The added bonus about hiring a skip bin is that you’ll find yourself disposing of all sorts of junk and unwanted items in the house that have just been piling up over the years.

Getting the most out of your skip bin 

If you’re planning on getting rid of a whole bunch of other junk, it’s best to carefully organise your skip so that you’re making the most of the space. Sometimes the mattress is a great skip topper, giving it a nice lid to cover all the other waste beneath it. However, if you’re disposing of a few different mattresses, this will be taking up a lot of space in your skip, so find the best way to stack them within the bin. 

Please note that we do have an additional small fee of $20 per mattress. If you have any questions about what you can and cannot put in Kwik Skips bins or would like to discuss your waste disposal needs, feel free to give us a call on (08) 9528 2272 or make a booking online to lock in your skip bin hire in Perth.