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What Can You Put In A Skip Bin?

Have you ever wondered what you can put into a skip bin? It’s pretty useful for a renovation project or a garden clean up!

The skip bin is used by anyone whose amount of waste is more than the average amount a family would accumulate within a week. So, we highly recommend using skip bins if you host a large family, have a growing business, or run a large corporation.

As a customer in the local area, your very own skip bin local service such as a Perth skip bin hire gets delivered to you by just selecting the best skip bin expert to hire and having carefully considered the perfect size that should accommodate all your waste. Only when you’ve used up the skip bin or have reached a certain day would the company come back to pick it up.

The idea of hiring a skip bin is another option to dispose of most types of community rubbish. This is also ideal for general clean-ups or house renovations wherein a lot of waste gets accumulated.

What can go in skip bins?

Fortunately, there are more wastes you can put into a skip bin than what isn’t allowed.

General household waste such as clothing, kitchenware, kitchen appliances, empty cans, food packaging, paper wastes, equipment, old broken toys, furniture, mattresses, garden waste, non-electrical fittings, concrete, tiles, bricks wood and other renovation waste. Most of these wastes are dry and friendly enough to segregate.

Just give a head’s up to your skip expert in specifying the wastes you intend to dispose of. They can help you avoid two types of waste getting mixed up inappropriately.

Anything that is contaminated or flammable can still be dumped into skip bins. However, this needs to be pre-arranged before the skip bin is dropped off to you.

Can you put a glass in a skip?

Unfortunately, we need to avoid glass and hazardous items in throwing your waste into a skip bin.

Broken glass is dangerous to throw and can hurt someone when they come in contact with it.

Can you put tyres in a skip?

Tyres also can’t be put into a skip bin because they generally require a lot of work to dispose of. Instead, you can ask your tyre changer to dispose of it for you. Tyres can be recycled into a different result and use. Anyone who could makeshift tyres into something else is the person you need to seek when getting rid of your tyres.

Why is plasterboard not allowed in skips? Why is plasterboard dangerous?

Skip bins can’t accept plasterboards either, because it gives off harmful gases when it breaks down. It can contaminate with other wastes in the skip bin.

Regardless of whether you are doing a general clean-up, undergoing renovation or need weekly disposal for your business needs, you can rely on Kwik Skips as your local expert in skip bins. We are highly responsive and have a wide range of choices that should suit your needs.

Save yourself the hassle and check out the allowable wastes allowed in your skip bins.