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How To Dispose of Asbestos Safely

Skip bins are useful for disposing of a wide variety of materials and substances that can’t simply be put in your normal bins. One particular material that needs to be handled with special care and needs to be disposed of in a safe way is asbestos. The first thing to note is that if you believe you have asbestos in your home or workplace, don’t touch it, as asbestos fibers are considered to be extremely hazardous. 

If you do require a skip to dispose of asbestos, you must declare this as you make an enquiry. All skip bins hired through Kwik Skips to dispose of asbestos must adhere to the strict asbestos regulations set out by the Department of the Environment and Energy.

Can I remove asbestos myself?

For non-friable bonded asbestos that is no more than 10m2, you are legally allowed to remove the materials from your workplace or home. If it is more than 10m2 you are required to hire a trained and licensed professional to remove the asbestos for you. If the asbestos is friable, meaning it’s in a condition where it crumbles easily, you must have this removed by someone who possesses an unrestricted asbestos removal license, no matter the amount of material you need to dispose of. 

If you are removing asbestos yourself, you should be wearing personal protective equipment at all times, ensuring that you are handling the material with care and adhering to proper safety practices. This includes a P1 or P2 disposable respirator, boots that are easy to clean, and full coveralls. 

Hire a Professional 

Although you are able to remove asbestos yourself, as experienced rubbish removal specialists, we do highly recommend that you hire a professional for the job, no matter the amount that you have to get rid of. This can give you the peace of mind that the asbestos is being handled and disposed of safely, without the worry of exposing yourself to the dangerous substance. 

Once the job has been completed, make sure to take a walk through the area together with the asbestos revivalist, so that you are both happy that the site has been dealt with and there are not bits of material left behind. 

Commercial Skip Bins 

In order to dispose of asbestos in a safe and responsible manner, you’ll need to hire commercial skip bins in Perth. There are quite weighty fines that apply if you don’t meet the strict conditions for removing asbestos, so always be very careful when dealing with the substance. 

If you’re looking to dispose of asbestos, you won’t be able to mix this with any other general waste in the skip bin. All asbestos sheets must be carefully wrapped with strong black plastic, and the bin must be taped at the appropriate areas to ensure that no asbestos comes loose from the plastic. Make sure that you are putting in no more than 10-15 asbestos sheets at a time.

For full skip bins of asbestos, the skip itself will need to be fully lined with black plastic, as well as a plastic lining secured on top. The sheets inside will need to be appropriately wrapped as mentioned above, so that there is not visible asbestos sticking out. 

Asbestos Disposal

Unfortunately, Kwik Skips won’t be able to collect your bin if these regulations aren’t adhered to, and you would need to reorganise the asbestos in an appropriate way, ensuring that it is packed and taped securely. When all materials are packed properly, Kwik Skips can then collect the skip bin and dispose of the asbestos in a safe location that has been approved by the local council. 

If you need a skip bin for asbestos removal in Perth, take a look at some of the different sized bins that we have on offer, and send us an enquiry today.