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What’s the Right Skip Bin Size For a Construction Job?

No matter the size of your construction job, you’ll need some form of a skip bin in place to adequately take care of the amount of waste or rubbish that you need to dispose of. However, you’re not going to need a 9m3 skip bin for a small kitchen renovation job, and likewise, you’ll definitely need a bigger skip than a 3m3 bin for a large building site. The rubbish removal specialists at Kwik Skips offer a number of different sized skip bins, aimed at making your construction cleanup easy. 

This article from Kwik Skips is aimed at helping you find the right commercial skip bin size for your construction job so that you are appropriately prepared and not wasting any money in the process. 

Skip Bin Size Options 

Our skip bin sizes are measured in their cubic meters capacity, ranging from 2.5m3 to 10m3. The larger the bin, the more expensive it will be, so you’ll want to know the perfect sized commercial skip bin for your needs. We like to compare our sizes to trailer loads to give you a better understanding of the amount they hold. 

  • 2.5m3 – This is our smallest skip bin, able to hold around 1.5 trailer loads of waste. These are perfect sized bins for those smaller projects where you won’t need to be creating or needing to dispose of many materials or waste. 
  • 3m3 – Our second smallest bin can hold up to 2 trailer loads of waste. Small bathroom renovations are usually a suitable match for these sized bins, as you’ll be able to fit in old bathroom fixtures, materials and packaging that may be a part of the project. Please note that you’ll need to ask if you require a ramp for this bin.
  • 4m3 – These commercial skip bins can fit 3-4 trailer loads of waste. Ideal for those jobs that are a little bigger, such as a new kitchen construction job. This kind of small scale construction work would usually require a skip bin at this size, as you’ll be able to fit larger kitchen appliances and materials easily. 
  • 6m3 – Our medium-sized skip bins can hold around 4-5 trailer loads of materials. These work best for medium-sized renovation projects or smaller construction jobs that won’t be disposing of a consistent level of waste. 
  • 8m3 – Getting into our larger sized skip bins, the 8m3 bin can hold 5-6 trailer loads. Larger scale cleanups for building sites or a new small home construction job would benefit from this sized bin. 
  • 9m3 – These bins can fit 6-7 trailer loads of waste. 
  • 10m3 – As the biggest skip bin size in our fleet, these bins can hold about 7-8 trailer loads of waste. These are the ideal size for those large scale construction projects where you need a consistent and safe waste disposal system in place. They are also suitable for demolition work, where you’ll be creating a significant amount of rubble and waste. If your job is expected to take a long time or you want to hold onto the bin for a little longer while you fill it up, you can apply for our extended hire options. 

Best Options for Construction Sites 

You’ll need to consider the scale of your construction job when deciding on the ideal size from the list above. Our recommended skip bin sizes for a standard construction job generally is in the 6m3 -10m3  range. Our 10m3 are even suitable for moderate-sized residential projects. 

If you find that you’ll need a larger bin that was originally planned as you’re filling it up, don’t try and overfill the skip bin. Instead, let us know that you’ll need to fill another skip load, we’ll come and dispose of your full load and then bring back an empty one for you. 

What can I put in my skip bin on a construction site? 

We understand that construction sites can create and need to dispose of a wide array of different materials. You’ll be allowed to place general waste items such as bricks, concrete, tiles, building rubble, sand, steel, timber, fixtures, appliances and other general rubbish in your commercial skip bin. 

Hazardous Waste

If you are intending to dispose of asbestos, please let us know and we can arrange a suitable option for you. Due to the strict laws surrounding the disposal of asbestos, you won’t be able put any asbestos into your regular commercial skip bin. The same goes for other hazardous waste including oil and paint products, pesticides, vehicle tyres, flammable materials and chemicals. 

If you have any other questions on what you can and cannot put in your commercial skip bin, feel free to give us a call. 

Kwik Skips 

If you require commercial skip bins for your next construction project, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the waste disposal experts at Kwik Skips. If you’re still unsure about what size is best for you, give us a call and we talk through your requirements. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s always best to overestimate on the size that you need, as you don’t want to be overfilling your bin or being left with leftover waste. 

Once we have collected your skip bin from your construction site, we take the waste directly to the relevant landfill facilities to safely dispose of the rubbish. We ensure to recycle the appropriate materials and always adhere to the strict environmental policies of these facilities. 

If you’d like to learn more about our commercial skip bin sizes or want to discuss some of the most suitable skip bins in Perth options for your construction job, call Kwik Skips today for a free quote.