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Businesses that Would Benefit from Skip Bin Hire

Creating waste is an inevitable part of the daily routine of many different businesses. However, not all businesses understand the most appropriate and cost-effective way of disposing of rubbish and other waste in Perth. If you are a company that’s searching for a more effective commercial waste management partner, then choosing a skip bin hire in Perth might be your solution. This blog from Kwik Skips, the #1 choice for skip bins in Perth, is designed at highlighting some of the main businesses that would benefit from a skip bin hire service. 

Construction Businesses

Construction businesses are some of the main users of skip bins, often hiring skips for a wide array of construction projects. Many different materials including stone, sand, plastic and steel form a large part of the waste that a construction site can create. These sorts of materials can quickly build up, meaning that appropriate waste management measures need to be in place before starting the job. Making sure these projects are kept in a safe and clean state is an important part of any construction business. 

Skip bin hire in Perth can help these businesses with an easy and affordable waste disposal system, which can adequately cater to the different materials that need to be disposed of. Kwik Skips offer an effective solution with a number of different sized bins to fit the size of the construction job. We also offer different rental periods, allowing you to choose the right option to suit your short term or long term project. 

Our specialists are also able to safely dispose of hazardous materials that can’t simply be placed in regular bins. In doing so, you’ll be creating a safer environment for your employees and giving them more space to perform their duties effectively. 

Mining Businesses

Although mining businesses have a significant impact on the environment, these companies often take appropriate measures to minimise these negative effects where possible. One area that businesses can reduce their impact is through effective waste management as part of a scheduled skip bin hire service. 

In remote areas where jobs are being undertaken, or where mine sites are established, the areas themselves often do not have suitable waste disposal measures in place. By hiring a skip bin, the skips can be used for safely removing waste from a mine site and taking hazardous materials to a more appropriate place. The safety of your site is a top priority of any mining business, and by implementing a reliable skip bin hire for your business, you can rest assured that your employees will be working in a safer and cleaner environment. You’ll also be helping to promote yourself as a business that cares about the waste that it’s producing. 


Depending on the size of the restaurant, the usual wheelie bins are typically not enough to properly account for the amount of rubbish that a restaurant can create. Although you might be disposing of a lot of food scraps or wastage, it’s recommended that you divide your waste into the categories of biodegradable, non-biodegradable and recyclable materials, so you know how to dispose of these types of rubbish. Professional skip bin hire Perth will allow your restaurant to properly dispose of these types of waste, knowing that they will be collected and handled by specialists. 

The importance of keeping your kitchen space sanitary and clean cannot be understated, and hiring an appropriately sized skip bin at your restaurant can help you to dispose of your waste properly. This means that you won’t have to worry about your usual bins overflowing or waste building up and attracting pests at your workplace. The specialists at Kwik Skips also offer a number of different sized bins and will remove your bins on a schedule that works for you. Ultimately, you can start to improve upon the amount of waste you produce each week, and lessen your environmental footprint in the process. 

Industrial Businesses 

Skip bins can prove to be highly beneficial for industrial or commercial businesses as well. Certain industrial businesses might be located in more of an urban area, meaning that a skip bin hire would allow for the effective disposal and removal of the waste that these businesses create. You can choose the perfect sized skip bin to meet your needs, and have it placed and removed in a convenient location for your business.

Having this waste management solution in place may even give you an added boost over your competition, particularly in a world where sustainable practices are becoming commonplace. Your commercial business may encourage other industries to follow suit, helping create a safer and more environmentally friendly approach. 

Gardening Businesses 

Gardeners around Perth can create an enormous amount of green waste as part of their services. Prunings from trees, shrubs and bushes can quickly accumulate when undertaking gardening work. It’s important to have a skip bin in place to properly dispose of this waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Grass clippings are another large part of this garden waste that can take up a large amount of room in normal garden waste bins. These may be more suited to a skip bin if the planned garden work is expected to be quite a big project. 

Green waste can also attract all sorts of different pests, so it’s important to dispose of these materials in a safe and efficient way so that you can keep the area clean. Kwik Skips recommend that you compact your green waste down so that you can get the maximum use out of your skip bin hire.  

These are just 5 examples of the types of businesses that can benefit from skip bin hire in Perth. At the end of the day, any type of business that needs a high quality and reliable waste management solution would greatly benefit from the skips at Kwik Skips in Perth Metro and south of the river. 

If you require a skip bins Perth, please get in contact with Kwik Skips today on (08) 9528 2272, or make an enquiry through our contact page. If you have another skip bin quote, send it through to us, so you know that you’ll be getting the best price with Kwik Skips.