Green Waste Removal

What Is Green Waste and How Can You Get Rid Of It?

Everyone knows what rubbish or recycling is, but a common question we hear is “what is green waste?” If you have recently worked on the yard, clipped some trees, or plan on throwing out some waste then there is a good chance you plan on using the green bin. Because these bins tend to be used the least out of your bins at home, most don’t know what really counts as green waste. As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry by understanding exactly what constitutes green waste. We will cover not only this but other alternatives on how you can dispose of your green waste when you have more than you originally planned!

What Defines Green Waste

As the name suggests, green waste consists of the plants, trees and other flora. The misunderstanding is where this line ends and how far can you stretch the meaning of green waste? Green waste consists of materials that are biodegradable which includes materials like tree branches, grass shreddings, flowers/weeds and more. 

What is perfect about this is that you can also include organic material when throwing out your trash. Food scraps like fruit, commonly used composting waste and old pot plants also count as green waste. So if you are cleaning out the front yard and want to make use of that green bin, then why not clean out the unwanted interior green waste as well.

Are There Other Alternatives

Are there other alternatives to the green bin? The green waste bin isn’t the largest thing ever and although you might think it will all fit, a few branches can fill it within seconds. On top of this, the time between collection for green waste is longer than others and if you are planning on using the big waste verges, there can be 9 months between each collection.

There are a few other alternatives you can rely on when your green thumb gets an itch and the green bin won’t cut it. Luckily, as long as you remember that you are working with plants there are better methods to get rid of it all fast. There are 5 main methods of getting rid of green waste and one of them stands out more than the rest.

How to Dispose of Green Waste

There are 5 main methods but the best is going to be saved for last, so let’s go with the most simple ways first.

Green Waste Bin:

The classic green waste bin that’s designated purpose is to store and be emptied of green waste. This is the most consistent form of green waste removal but there are some large downsides, specifically the size limit. The green waste bin isn’t that large which makes those big projects impossible.

Verge Waste Collection:

Once a year, verge collection occurs so take advantage of it. There isn’t anything telling you that you can’t throw out your unwanted greens. Although great for big projects it’s once a year availability makes it not a reliably consistent option.

Shred Up The Green Waste:

Shredding up your green waste makes the space between the branches/leaves a lot smaller. This method in conjunction with the green bin can be a nicer method of consistent clearing.

Burn The Green Waste:

This method is not always appropriate, so always check with your local authorities if you can use this method. If you want a clear conscience then probably sticking with shredding the green waste or using the next method is your best bet. 

Now for the 5th and easiest method.

Getting A Skip Bin So You Don’t Have To Worry

A skip takes the best properties from the prior suggestions and compacts them into an affordable bundle available anytime. Want the benefits of verge collection but requested anytime, well-ordering Perth skip bins well do that perfectly. Don’t need to risk setting up a fire. You also won’t have to care about shredding the waste up as you will have an abundance of space.

If you are planning a big green waste project and need a solid green waste disposal option, then Kwik Skips is the name to remember. With affordable prices, decent loaning time and great customer service there are many obvious reasons to choose us. The best part is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of proper disposal methods as we will handle all of that for you, that way you only have to focus on your project.

If you need a mini skip hire, get in touch with the disposal experts at Kwik Skips today on (08) 9528 2272, or if you know exactly what you need you can book a bin online!