The Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Bins

While scrolling through our website, many visitors notice that we separated the services for domestic bin collection, and commercial/industrial bin collection into two tabs. This isn’t just because the rates and information regarding the two services are different. The contents of the bin itself, as well as how we approach its handling depend on where it comes from.

The Commercial Difference

Why does the origin of trash matter? Most of the time, it actually doesn’t matter; most offices and businesses throw away similar items such as papers and broken office supplies. The biggest things to come out of an office would be the occasional broken chair. The story becomes very different, however, when the origin of the bin is a place where blood and hazardous chemicals are common, such as hospitals.

We take the most care when handling bins coming from hospitals, not only because of the possible contents, but also for the safety of our crew. It’s never the big things that people have to look out for when handling hospital bins; it’s always the small, hard to see things that are likely to cause damage.

Just a Little Pinprick

Syringes are an excellent example. The tiny needles can easily get lost in all the chaos within a bin, and retain the pinpoint sharpness that makes them indispensable in the field of medicine. The main reason why syringes are thrown away after one use is that there’s always residue somewhere inside it. Sharing needles is one of the most common ways to get infected with HIV/AIDS without having intercourse.

If any of our crew, or anyone in general were careless in their handling of bins, they can easily prick themselves on syringes hidden within. That small injury — no bigger than the eye of a needle — could expose people to a life-threatening virus that humanity has grappled with for close to two hundred years.

The consequences for carelessness are much too great for anyone to afford, which is exactly why we treat commercial bins as a separate service from their domestic counterparts. There are many things people can learn about in their bins; if you want to get information, facts, or trivia about the things you throw away, contact us today. In addition, explore the rest of our site to find the best deals and services regarding your bin collection.