Mind the Weight of the Bin

Bin collection services, including us, always tell their customers to mind the weight of their trash before putting it in their skip bins. It’s as much a safety concern as it is one of convenience, which are our interests as a company and a customer. To illustrate why we have such strict rules on weight, here are a few things that would happen to an overweight bin.

Machine Muscle

First, customers would be left with metal boxes, overflowing with trash sitting on their front lawns. We have some of the most powerful and sophisticated equipment in the industry. The horsepower that our machines generate is a source of pride for our company.

Even the most powerful machines have their limits though, and we’d rather not risk damaging your property to test those limits. That’s not the only problem facing overweight bins, because the risks don’t stop even if the truck does manage to load it.

Balancing Act on the Road

A skip bin has a longitudinal cross section and a trapezoid shape that allows it to carry as much garbage as it can. The only way that anything can overflow is if the contents have gone over the prescribed size and weight limit of the bin. Even if a truck can load a bin over its limit or a customer waits for the bin to load and puts extra trash in it, the overflow will prove to be a road hazard for the transporters.

There’s a danger for trash overflow to spill on the road whilst in transit, possibly endangering pedestrians and other motorists. Trying to transport any precariously perched item is a no-no on Australia’s roads, especially if these are things that the original owner wanted to throw out.

If you want to learn more about the dos and don’ts of the bin industry, or just want quality Skip bin services, contact us right away. Ask us anything about our operations you don’t understand, as we’re always ready to share our knowledge with our customers.