Matching Bins with Trash

People have been taking out the garbage for generations. But, even after thousands of years of having trash and using bins, there are still a few things about the process everyone gets wrong. Some of these errors have been fixed already, thanks to segregation, and we want these lessons to continue to optimise the process even further.

For starters, people never consider the weight or size of their garbage before dumping them into the bin. The “If it fits, it ships” thinking is prevalent in almost all things bin, including the non-trash sort. This seems harmless enough when trying to stuff a mountain of tissues into a paper bin, but trying to put a two by four in a biodegradable bin can be damaging.

Watching Bin Weight

The weight of trash should be an important consideration people make whenever they take out their trash. While it may be over and done with for them, there are people who need to take and transport those bins wherever they need to go. After all, there are weight limits regarding bins and their contents; and equipment could suffer if those limits aren’t observed.

For example, bricks, rubber, concrete, and glass are all much too heavy to be in an ordinary bin day in and day out. These illustrate the kind of things people try to throw out without thinking about what these materials could do transport and bin equipment. Fortunately, there are heavy waste bins that are made especially for such trash, and people need not worry over what they can and can’t throw out.

Bad for Bin Health

Another important, though less common, concern is when people throw out hazardous materials. There is absolutely no way to justify trying to throw such materials into the bin. There are specific methods and procedures that the government applies to those things, and have fines for people who don’t comply. These materials include asbestos, pesticides, and vehicle tyres.

Kwik Skips offers skip bins for hire in Canning Vale and many other places. If you need more information regarding what you can and can’t do with your bin, give us a call. We know everything there is to know about trash, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions about it.