Restricted Wastes You Should Not Put in Skip Bins

The Australian government does not allow certain hazardous waste materials to be disposed of by skip bins. You may think that, as long as you put all your rubbish in skip bins, you are already doing your part to help save the environment. Whilt this is true to some extent, you still have the responsibility to observe proper waste segregation. In addition, there are types of waste that you need to refrain from placing in skip bins. These include the following waste materials:

Pesticides and Herbicides — These hazardous wastes not only cause harm to immediate surroundings, they can pose a serious health threat to living things that come into contact with them, humans included.

Chemicals — The Australian government does not allow chemicals in general in skip bins. Certain chemicals may have reactions when exposed to other materials. Doing so can cause problems during waste treatment processes.

Flammable Materials — Flammable materials can cause unwanted sparks, which can burn other wastes before treatment and cause environmental degradation.

Vehicle Tyres —Ecotoxic materials are not allowed by the Australian government for disposal via skip bins. These include the rubber on vehicle tyres, which can be toxic under the pressure of high temperatures.

Asbestos — This traditional construction material poses a massive risk to people’s respiratory risk. Asbestos exposure has to be limited to ensure better health.

Rubbish that fall under the hazardous waste materials category includes explosive, flammable, poisonous, toxic, and infectious materials and substances. Make sure that you do not use skip bins to get rid of these materials, so you can avoid environmental degradation and untoward risks health-wise.

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