Industrial Waste Management: 4 Methods of Proper Disposal

Australians alone are responsible for generating more than 18 million tonnes of waste every year. It simply means that it produces approximately three million garbage trucks of compacted rubbish. As a matter of fact, the country is one of the highest waste producers in the world. These statistics may seem devastating, but the country strives to make some improvements to its waste management.

Local authorities are urging homeowners and business owners, especially industrial companies, to take action and be responsible for the waste problem. Efficient disposal is never easy, but that does not mean it’s not achievable. As a trusted name in waste removal services, we thought we’d share effective methods of properly managing waste.


Glass, plastics, building materials and waste from site work could take many years to decompose. This is the reason waste separation using container units is necessary. As a leading provider of skip bins, we can help you with proper segregation so you can maintain green practices. Kwik Skips can assist you in eliminating hazardous waste from compostable organic waste, non-hazardous solid waste, recyclable materials and other regulated material.


One of the most popularly used methods of waste disposal, Australians have a strong dependence on landfills. This process buries the waste in the land, but there is more to it. When it comes to proper landfill management, it is important to sort out all the waste first and send only the waste that you cannot recycle or compost. There is also a method that eliminates the odour and dangers of rubbish before placing them on the ground.


This process turns waste into organic compounds, which you can use to feed plants. Once you have identified and evaluated the waste, you can achieve composting through the use of skip bins. Though this method of waste disposal can take lots of space, you can turn unsafe organic products into safe compost.


Instead of disposing materials and other wastes, it could be better if your company practice recovery and recycling. This process aims to make unwanted items turn into useful ones. By knowing what you can recycle and how you can recover valuable resources, you can be a huge part of helping the country achieve a positive environmental future.

At Kwik Skips, we are committed to giving customers peace of mind when it comes to managing all types of waste. Our team takes pride in having a wide range of waste container units to make rubbish the least of your worries. Contact us today to know more about what we are capable. We will be more than glad to help you with your waste removal requirements.