Like a Pro: Your Guide in Whole House Cleaning

Cleaning may be one of your least favourite chores, but it is essential to ensuring the home remains a healthy living space. A house that is clean, spotless, and organised does more than just keep pests away; it also reduces health and safety hazards. It can also lower stress and benefit your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing — everything that a home simply needs to be.

It is possible to conquer the cleaning drudgery with wise planning. Here are a few tips to make house cleaning less of a hassle:

Divide the Task

Cleaning the entire house is so much easier if you break the task down into smaller parts. Walk through your house room by room and come up with a realistic inventory of spaces you want to tackle. You don’t have to do all the cleaning in a single day. Split the list in half and tackle it over the weekend, so it will not be too overwhelming.

Simplify and Unclutter

Manage clutter at home by throwing away or donating the items you don’t need. Purchase or hire skip bins for a safe and convenient removal of large household items. Cleaning also gives you a perfect opportunity to streamline your recycling habits.

Get Cleaning Supplies Ready

Have a cleaning basket or caddy handy and fill it with the necessary cleaning supplies. These include microfiber cloths, spray bottles, scrub brushes, dry cleaning sponges, and extendable dusters. Don’t forget to have a broom, mop, vacuum, and all-purpose cleaner on hand, too. Carry these items from room to room to streamline the process.

Cleaning Process

Carry on with cleaning process after getting your cleaning supplies ready. Start by dusting light fixtures, windowsills, blinds, furniture, and books. Continue with sweeping or vacuuming floors and shaking out throw rugs. For high traffic rooms like kitchen and bathroom, start by cleaning and sanitising sinks and wiping down appliances and cabinet fronts.

Re-evaluate Storage Needs

Have a well-planned storage space to make cleaning and organisation much easier. Go through each room and see if there are additional storage options like boxes for the items you decide to keep. If there are no extra bins, buy plastic containers with lid to store items properly. These are also ideal for storing seasonal items like beachwear and skiing gear.

Reap the benefits of a clean and organised house with these tips. Browse through our website today and find out how we can help you declutter to streamline the cleaning process.