Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Skip Bins in Perth

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Skip Bins in Perth


Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is undergoing a cultural transformation. At the same time, it serves as a base of operations for many businesses, as well as a home for many people who live and work in Perth. One of the many reasons why Cannington is such an inviting space for businesses and residences alike is its efficient waste collection service.

While the city is serviced by a kerbside collection system, it’s also an area that’s frequented by companies that rent out Perth skip bins, including Kwik Skips. Many commercial and residential property owners find that the skip bin services in the area offer more convenience and options when it comes to rubbish disposal. Below are the top 4 reasons why Kwik Skips’ clients in Perth find skip bin hires a necessity:

1. The service accommodates your schedule.

One of the downsides of relying on Perth rubbish removal services provided by the council is that it has a set schedule. Kerbside collection services for specific types of waste are done on specific days and times of the week. This can be quite inconvenient for households whose members are particularly busy or have their hands full. They may have a hard time following the schedule, and should they miss their designated collection day, they might need to keep their rubbish in their property for extended periods.

Perth skip bins, on the other hand, follow the schedule of their customers. Skip bin companies can accommodate your preferred collection time and date, and they can be relied on to collect rubbish any day of the week, even on holidays. The bin can stay on your property for 1 to 7 days. Once it’s full, you only need to call the Perth skip bin service to have the bin picked up. It’s that easy. 

2. You pay for the service you need.

The amount of waste a regular household collects in any given week can be pretty consistent, but there are also times when they need bigger containers than what their council-provided Perth rubbish removal service typically provides. This may be the case when moving houses or during general clean ups or home renovations. The waste collected from these activities won’t fit in a regular bin, and hiring larger bins can cost you a bit of money.

One advantage that Perth skip bins offer their customers is that they have an extensive selection of bin sizes to choose from. This means that you can choose the size that is most appropriate for the amount of waste you need to dispose of. If you only have a small amount of waste in a particular week, you can save money by renting smaller-sized bins. On days when you have more than the usual amount of rubbish, you can always call your Perth skip bin company to arrange for bigger bins. 

3. The waste is disposed of properly.

Perth skip bin hires not only offer their customers convenience and savings, but they do more than that; they also make sure that the rubbish collected from households and businesses throughout the Perth metro area arrive at proper waste disposal and recycling facilities. They deliver recyclables, green waste, and general waste to their proper destinations so that these won’t contribute to environmental pollution. At the same time, they also ensure that their customers do not suffer from the hassles and consequences of illegal waste disposal, which can amount to thousands of dollars in fines. 

4. You help save the environment.

You may not think much of it, but Perth skip bin customers also do their part in taking care of the environment. By taking the first step in separating wastes and hiring a responsible skip bin company to collect bins, you do your part in preserving nature. Dry recyclables will be processed accordingly. Green waste from homes and businesses will be collected and turned to compost, which will then be used to fertilise farms, forests, and parks. This means that these wastes can be used again and that they will not take up space in landfills.

Disposing Waste Properly: Which Goes Where?

Separating waste right from the source is an important part of minimizing waste and landfill use, improving recycling rates, and taking care of the environment. Just like council-provided rubbish removal services, skip bins in Perth like Kwik Skips make sure that the rubbish we collect is properly separated and placed in the correct bins.

There are three colours that customers should be familiar with when separating their rubbish. Green-topped bins are for green waste, yellow-topped bins are for dry recyclables, and red-topped bins are for general household wastes. Here’s a rundown of what goes inside each bin.

Green waste includes:

  • small branches
  • common weeds
  • grass clippings
  • leaves
  • palm fronds
  • pruning

While organic, food waste and branches or roots bigger than 1 meter in length shouldn’t be placed inside green bins. These

Dry recyclables include:

  • aluminium and steel cans
  • glass and bottles
  • flattened cardboard and cartons
  • papers and magazine
  • plastic containers

While similar in composition, glass and bottle lids and shredded paper should not be put inside yellow-topped bins.

General waste includes:

  • cotton wool and cotton buds
  • clothing
  • food scraps
  • pet excrement and fur
  • nappies
  • non-recyclable items and containers
  • sanitary items
  • soft plastics
  • shredded items

What Doesn’t Belong in Skip Bins

Convenient as it is, skip bins in Perth also have limitations in terms of the waste they collect. This is because some substances or items are considered hazardous waste and should not be put inside skip bins. These include the following: asbestos, vehicle tyres, and flammable materials like paint, chemicals, oils, and pesticides. In addition, batteries, mobile phones, printer cartridges, and light bulbs shouldn’t be disposed of through skip bins. Clients that need assistance in removing asbestos from their property must discuss this with our company at the time of their call. 

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