The Ultimate Office Spring Cleaning Guide


Keeping your office neat and tidy is just one of the many ways you can do to boost your business’s image. When your clients or employees notice that their surroundings are spotless, it gives them the impression that you care about your company. Unfortunately, many business owners neglect the cleanliness of their workplace. An unclean office doesn’t only look disorganized, but it can also create hazards that can affect your health and safety. Luckily, some spring cleaning will help inject life back into the workspace.

Although spring cleaning is a term mostly used for residential spaces, it can most definitely be applied to offices as well. However, spring cleaning an office is more than just cleaning every room and renting out skip bins Perth waste disposal companies have to offer. Since your office is a unique space, you need to come up with a cleaning system that suits the needs of your workplace. In this ultimate guide, we’ll take a look at the 10 things you should do to ensure that your office spring cleaning will go as smoothly as planned.

1. Plan Your Spring Cleaning Schedule Ahead of Time

Spring cleaning can’t be a spur-of-the-moment activity because it could take you an entire day to finish the job. For this reason, you have to plan your office spring cleaning ahead of time, so as not to disrupt your business’s regular workflow.

2. Schedule a Skip Bin Service

It’s smart to contact a skip bin company that offers quick and reliable commercial skip bins services beforehand. This will ensure that the waste you’ll collect after the spring-clean is disposed of properly and on time. Skip bin companies also offer a wide range of skip bin sizes, so they’re prepared to handle even the most unkempt office spaces. Plus, it means less hassle for you since you won’t be doing any of the heavy lifting or transferring of rubbish to the proper skip bins Perth south of the river disposal site.

3. Make a Checklist

It’s challenging to clean the entire office space, so creating a checklist will help the job go a lot faster. Having a plan for each of the rooms will be less stressful and keep you focused on the task at hand. What’s more, slowly ticking off each task from the list is satisfying and can give you more energy to finish the rest.

4. Call for Backup

Even if your office space is small, it’ll be easier to clean the area if you’re working with a team. Doing so will divide the work tasks evenly and allow several areas to be cleaned at the same time. Of course, you and your colleagues can do the cleaning yourselves. However, it’ll be more convenient if you let a professional cleaning company handle it. After all, the pros have the skills and proper tools to clean every inch of your office and finish the job on time.

5. Use Quality Office Cleaning Equipment and Tools

It’s tempting to use cheap cleaning tools, but purchasing high-quality office cleaning equipment is a better investment. Quality vacuums, dustpans, mops, and other supplies generate better cleaning results and are more durable. Plus, having them at the ready will enable you to keep your workplace spic and span all year round.

6. Unclutter Before You Start

For the office spring cleaning to go smoothly, you need to unclutter the entire workplace first. Trying to clean up while there are papers, magazines, and other outdated or unused items scattered around will only make things difficult. They can also be a cause for distraction, slowing down the entire cleaning process as a result.

One way to get rid of the clutter quickly is to work in zones. For example, you can have some people tidy up the workroom while others can concentrate on the break room. After the clutter has been removed, you can throw them away or have them donated if they’re still in good working condition.

7. Reorganise the Workplace

Once all the clutter is gone, you’ll have enough room to reorganise the workplace. You can start by rearranging the office furniture to create a space that can increase one’s comfort and productivity. Next, organise the filing cabinet by choosing which files need to remain. If you encounter sensitive records or files that are no longer needed, use a shredder to ensure that the documents are properly destroyed.

When cleaning your office drawer, it’s best to get rid of unnecessary things like discarded sticky notes and paper clips. To avoid creating clutter in the future, consider getting drawer organisers and compartments to keep things in place.

8. Don’t Forget About the Office Equipment

Aside from the general work area, you should make it a point to clean your office equipment as well. Keeping items like computer monitors, printers, and desks dust-free not only makes everyone’s stations look spotless, but it’ll also increase the service life of each piece of equipment.

9. Give the Office a Simple Makeover

You don’t need to replace the wallpaper or purchase new office chairs to make the workplace look neat. Hanging up new photos or artwork, as well as displaying your business’s vision and mission statements, will be enough to freshen up your office space.

10. Replace or Clean HVAC Filters

HVAC filters are designed to trap dust, dirt, and other debris, so they get filthy over time. Because of this, they must be cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent unwanted particles from contaminating the air you breathe.

Spring cleaning your office is hard work, but there will always be a big payoff in the end. After the dust has been swept away and the rooms uncluttered, the fresh and clean environment will give your business a more inviting atmosphere.

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