Skip Bin Perth

Advice and Tips for Hiring Skip Bins

If you are planning on accomplishing a big task and are in need of a skip bin then make sure you do it right. The best way to find the perfect skip is to read advice and tips when hiring skip bins from people who know what to look for. From knowing which skip size will be best to what material is allowed inside, there are areas where many find themself confused. You can put that to rest as compiled here will be everything you need to know to get started including what is the correct choice, who to talk to, how to save money using a skip bin and of course just how much can you pack inside. 

Pick An Appropriate Skip Bin For The Job

As skip bins come in many different sizes people can find themselves choosing sizes that were not large enough for the task and have to rehire a new one. The best way to combat this is through our tips for hiring skip bins. The first important fact to note about choosing skip sizes is to always go over what you believe you will need as hiring a new one will cost more than choosing the one size large. 

For most jobs surrounding the garden, or inside the house, realistically you won’t need more than 3m². If you begin combining both the interior and exterior of your house then 6m² will be the safest option.

Where Does The Limit Stand For Your Skip?

Knowing where the limit is for your skip bin means that you can take full advantage of all that available space. The height limit for a skip is where the metal ends at the top and nothing more, but this doesn’t count for the weight which is important. Our tips for hiring skip bins in this case will cover: why not going over what is important for safety and how you can really make use of that skip size.

Our big tip for making full use of the space inside the skip is compression. Compression allows you to pack so much more into an area while not increasing the overall size. As max weight is not a problem, the more you can compact together and the fewer air gaps you leave means there is a lot more space that you can fill in.

The Australian Government has stated that going above the top of the skip is illegal and can be dangerous. Overflowing the skip puts everyone in danger from objects falling out and cutting/infecting people or causing bad environmental waste. Make sure to pay the extra amount to upgrade the size so that everyone is happy.

Make Sure Your Materials Are Safe

When it comes to what’s allowed in a skip bin the list is huge, so instead, it’s better to cover what isn’t allowed. 

Skip are well known for being large hassle-free bins that give you the freedom to take on any project without worrying about what gets disposed of where. Regarding materials that aren’t allowed in a skip bin it consists of the general unique items:

  • Batteries
  • Food
  • Anything that’s easily flammable (Green Waste like branches are fine)
  • Generic chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Paints

For most of these the reasoning is self explanatory as the contents of said items are harmful to our workers and importantly you. Considering each one of these could be unsafe and the fact that many of them will be packed together brings a much bigger worry so please refrain from disposing of said items into the skip. 

The Correct Way To Load Into The Bin

Loading a skip bin can come off as quite simple but can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Compact, organisation and of course thought out planning is what you will need.

When it comes to loading a skip bin there are tricks you can use to get at least the majority of items thrown away easy. At Kwik Skips our skips come with a ramp that you can pull off on one side. Lowering this wall and turning it into a ramp not only makes it easier to roll objects into it but heavily reduces the height you need to reach. For big objects like logs, furniture, really bad art, this addition is amazing.

If you pack compactly then you won’t need to lift the ramp up for most of your project but when you do it is best to plan ahead and save your light and smaller objects for the end so you won’t hurt your back.

Choose Affordable Prices

When it comes to tips for hiring skip bins you can’t beat the suggestion of choosing an affordable and reliable company. Kwik Skips is built around creating the best skip experience for our customers with transport and pick up hassles being taken care of alongside great customer service. Our skip bins also come with ramps allowing tasks with big objects to be taken care of easier. If you are looking for affordable prices for skip bins Perth south of the river and a great skip experience then Kwik Skips is the best.